What is an Aluminum Trench Box?

If you’re discovering a need for a trench box for the first time, then you may not be totally sure exactly what an aluminum trench box is. As the industry’s leading supplier of trench boxes, we don’t take offense to the fact that not too many folks who haven’t used an aluminum trench box before may not know what it is. That being said, we believe in our product as the premiere safety measure for worker safety when digging trenches. So, to spread the advantages of the aluminum trench box to as many people as possible, this month’s blog post will be covering why an aluminum trench box is necessary for worker safety and what a shoring box does.

Why Do I Need an Aluminum Trench Box?

Trench boxes are critical for ensuring worker safety when digging trenches. After digging a certain amount of depth in the dirt, the possibility of the trench collapsing becomes more plausible and more potentially harmful.

That being said, trenches are necessary for certain construction projects and for installing certain infrastructure, such as piping. For these reasons and many more, the need to dig trenches simply can’t be circumvented. That being said, the dangers that come with digging trenches can be heavily mitigated.

How Aluminum Trench Boxes Work

Aluminum trench boxes work by providing structural support for trenches that workers occupy. By placing a trench box in the trench and expanding the panels on either side to push up against the sides of the trench, an impromptu support is created to prevent collapse.

At Aluminum Trench Box, we specifically use aluminum to make our trench boxes because of aluminum’s lightweight but durable qualities. In the past, trench boxes have been bulky, finicky, and difficult to manipulate. Aluminum trench boxes, by comparison, are lightweight an easy to use even by a small team of workers.

If you’re looking to create a safe workplace environment for your workers (quite literally) in the trenches, then consider purchasing an aluminum trench box today. Contact us here to get in touch with our team and get one step closer to bringing both you and your workers the safety and peace of mind you deserve.