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Aluminum Trench Boxes
Aluminum Trench Boxes


If you’re looking for the most durable, lightweight, and long-lasting aluminum trench boxes for sale on the market, you’re in the right place. For over twenty years, the staff at Aluminum Trench Box has supplied workers with the equipment they need to get their jobs done quickly, efficiently, and – most importantly – safely. From portable trench shoring and aluminum trench shields to modular trench shoring systems, we offer all the solutions you need to ensure a safe environment for your workers. To learn more about who we are and the equipment we offer, we encourage you to browse our products by clicking the button below.

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Strong, Lightweight, and Simple Aluminum Trench Boxes

As a way to protect your workers, aluminum trench boxes are a tried-and-true, proven solution. Built to last and engineered to get the job done, our products are extremely versatile, safe, and reliable. With the ability to be used in multiple configurations, they can be adapted to your current project. Whether you’re in general contracting, utilities, plumbing, or any number of other lines of work, you can be confident that our trench boxes are designed to withstand the rigors of your application.

For over twenty years, the team at Aluminum Trench Box has strived to provide workers with the absolute best trench safety equipment on the market. With a wealth of direct, firsthand experience, we understand the industry’s needs and – above all else – work to exceed them.