We Have the Parts and Accessories You Need for Your Aluminum Trench Boxes

Your Aluminum Trench Boxes are crucial to the safety and protection of your workers. These strong, sturdy boxes are designed to not only contain collapsing dirt to protect the workers from being injured during a collapse, but it will also keep your project going smoothly without having to dig out tools and components that may get buried by dirt that falls. In addition to the high-quality Aluminum Trench Boxes we can provide, we also have a great selection of parts and accessories you need to ensure that your trench boxes are fully functional to perform the way you need them to. We will look at some of the parts and accessories that we offer to enhance or maintain your trench boxes.

Multiple Spreaders for More Versatility

During the course of your project, you may find the need to have your trench widened to accommodate the work you are trying to do. Aluminum Trench Box offers a great selection of spreaders to give you greater versatility in how your trench boxes are set up. Available in size from 2 feet to 5 feet, our spreaders can be adjusted to your exact specifications, ensuring that your employees will have ample space to focus on their work in a completely safe environment.

Leg Kits and Stacking Kits

Whether you need some extra space to work underneath your aluminum trench boxes, or you want to stack multiple trench boxes on top of each other, we have leg kits and stacking kits that will help take care of what you need, ensuring both stability of the structure and the safety of your workers. Lightweight and easy to use, these components provide added versatility to your worksite at a price that will not adversely affect your budget.

Brackets, Lugs, Pine, and More!

Whether you are looking for replacement parts for your existing trench boxes or you need the parts to create a custom box of your own, you can count on Aluminum Trench Box to provide you with all the components you need to ensure that your trench box provides the safety and protection your workers need to ensure they are capable of getting the job done right with peace of mind. If you have questions about the parts you need before placing your order, be sure to call us, and one of our highly trained, dedicated professionals will help you get exactly what you need.