UltraShore Trench Boxes for Your Trench Safety Needs

When it comes to worker safety, you simply cannot cut corners. This is especially true when it comes to trench work. You need to make sure your trenches are completely safe, so your workers can complete their work without complications and, more importantly, make it home safely at the end of the workday. Trench workers need the peace of mind that the trenches in which they are working are properly fortified, so they are not in any danger of trenches collapsing. At Aluminum Trench Box, we offer a great selection of safety products, including UltraShore trench boxes that will meet federal mandates for five foot protection systems. Read further to find out more about how the UltraShore trench products are the easiest protection system to use in the industry.

Industry Leading UltraShore Trench Boxes

UltraShore Trench Boxes give you the best of both worlds when it comes to trench safety for your workers. Not only are these protection systems durable and effective for protection in trenches up to twelve feet deep, but they are also convenient for you or your workers to setup and use. They can be used either horizontally or vertically, can be stacked for added protection, and can be easily closed off at either or both ends with use of the quick-release closure panels. They can be setup and taken down by a small team, and they can be stored and transported right in the back of most pickup trucks. This means less work, more protection, and no unnecessary trailers needed at the jobsite.

Eliminate Cave-In Injuries

Over the years, we have found that about 30% of all trench workers have experienced a cave-in of some sort or another. Without taking the proper precautions, these cave-ins can result in downtime, damage to expensive equipment, or worse, serious injury to your most valuable assets – your workers. They deserve a safe work environment without worrying about the ground collapsing in around them. When you use UltraShore Trench Boxes from Aluminum Trench Box you can get the amount of protection your workers need for anywhere from 160 to 12,000 pounds. This means that no matter what sort of industry you are in, you can get the protection your workers need at a price that will keep your business productive and profitable. For more information about how Aluminum Trench Box products can protect your trench workers from injury, please call us today.