Trench Shoring Systems that You Can Rely On

With the fall here in full and the winter around the corner, the ground itself will be changing as rain increases and slowly turns to ice. Now more than ever, then, it’s critical that you and your workers have the trench shoring systems they need to stay safe in the altering terrain. As the industry’s foremost source for aluminum trench boxes, we know better than anyone what it truly takes to keep workers of all climates safe in the trenches. That’s why, in this month’s blog post, we’ll be discussing the perks of buying from Aluminum Trench Box for all your winter work.

Lightweight Aluminum Trench Boxes

Accessibility is key to the Aluminum Trench Box vision. We believe that being able to transport and maneuver trench boxes is key to using them in their most safe and effective capacity. If your safety equipment is cumbersome to use, difficult to manipulate, or otherwise just needlessly complicated, then they become more likely to be used improperly. Every step added between starting a job and deploying safety equipment makes it more likely that the equipment isn’t set up correctly or that a step is skipped. For that reason, we make our aluminum trench boxes simple and lightweight, so set-up and proper usage is always as easy as possible.

Adaptable Trench Shoring Solutions

In addition to the simple design, our aluminum trench boxes are also extremely versatile in their uses. When used in combination with the many accessories and additional shoring box solutions we offer, aluminum trench boxes can be adapted for a wide variety of uses.

While our base unit is 2-sided, it can also be adapted into 3- and 4-sided configurations in just a few steps. Our buildable panel box, in particular, uses a pin-based assembly and alteration system, which makes it simple to be customized on-site. Furthermore, the buildable panel box is compatible with both hand adjustable and fixed spreaders, making it ideal for use in spaces that require unique or uncommon shoring box widths. For these reasons, our buildable panel box is the trench shoring solution of choice for workers throughout the utility industry.

We believe that you should have just as much confidence in our trench boxes as we do. For more information on our trench shoring products and what we do to make them the perfect choice for workers everywhere, contact us today. Or, to view more trench boxes for sale, click here to view our different models.