The Three Aluminum Trench Boxes that Keep Your Workers Safe

When it comes to trench shoring, it’s critical to have a strong, sturdy, reliable piece of equipment in the trenches with your workers, keeping them safe. For that reason, after only 5 feet of digging, OSHA requires that a trench box be used to protect workers in the event of a soil cave-in—and for good reason. A cave in could cause great harm—or even death—to anyone working in a trench. To prevent any harm coming to you or your workers, we at Aluminum Trench Box and Allen Trench Safety have assembled three different options that you can use to keep your workers safe in the event of a cave in.

Aluminum Panel Shield

Our 20 years of experience in the industry of trench safety has given us insight into the wide range of challenges that a worker faces on the job site. With this experience in mind, we recommend our Aluminum Panel Shield to anyone looking for a flat-paneled, welded aluminum trench box. These panel shields are designed to be built both 3-sided and 4-sided configurations, so that you and your workers have the versatility to adjust your shield to the many different hazards you might face on the job site. Additionally, these panels are made to be handled with ease using a light excavator or backhoe.

Badger Boxes

Where the aluminum panel shield is best suited for those looking to undergo large projects that take heavy duty equipment, the Badger Box is designed for lightweight durability. The badger box is designed to be transported by pickup trucks of any size and situated into place using a mini excavator. That way, it can reliably be used by almost anyone, not just those with large teams of workers and heavy construction equipment.

Buildable Panel Boxes

If you’re looking for a trench box that you can alter to suit your varying needs, then look no further than our Buildable Panel Box. The buildable panel box has the capability of being constructed in 2-, 3-, and 4-sided configurations, allowing you and your workers to easily alter its setup to suit any need that may arise while on the job. Moreover, the panels, corner posts, and spreaders are each and all available in varying sizes, making it perfect for any industry where your needs vary frequently.

If you’re interested in keeping your workers safe using versatile, reliable, tough as nails equipment, then we encourage you to contact us to order your own trench boxes today. As the industry leader in aluminum trench boxes, we know how important worker safety is to you. Together, we can help give your workers every advantage possible when on the job.