The Necessity of Aluminum Trench Boxes

When it comes to trenches, worker safety isn’t an option—it’s a necessity. Trenches can be so hazardous that the federal government even mandates that after merely five feet of digging a trench, safety equipment must be used to guarantee worker welfare. With the stakes as high as they are, there’s no room for error. That’s why we at Aluminum Trenchbox supply only the sturdiest, most simple to use trench boxes for workers everywhere.

Versatility at No Cost to Reliability

Our trench boxes are designed to be easily maneuvered around any job site, and can be effectively handled by as few as two workers. This is thanks to our trench boxes’ aluminum design, which balances complete stability and lightweight materials for easy transportation. By making trench shoring easier than ever, it is our belief that workers of all backgrounds will seek to use our equipment more than ever, promoting safety and efficiency on while on the work site.

The versatility doesn’t stop there, though. We additionally offer a wide array of accessories for you and your workers to use in altering your trench box to suit your specific needs. One option is the panel shield adjustable spreader, which allows for on-the-fly adjustments in length ranges from 33”-42” to 78”-126”. That way, you can provide your workers with the ease and comfort of a trench box that suits their needs just right.

Built to Your Specifications Whenever You Specify Them

With our buildable panel box, you have the ability to make sure your trench shoring is done your way. Our buildable panel boxes allow you to choose between 2- and 4-sided designs, with each one serving a unique purpose. By crafting each build-a-box to your own design, set up and take down has never been easier. Moving these trench boxes has never been easier, either. Transportation for a modular trench box can be done in the back of a pickup truck, while the average aluminum trench box can be transported merely by trailer. The size range for your own buildable panel box extends from 3’ to 16’ lengthwise, with a spread range of up to 12’.

Interested in getting started with a versatile and reliable aluminum trench box? Contact us today to begin planning out your own trench box designs that will last you for years to come.