Questions About Aluminum Trench Boxes? We Have Answers

If your business does trench work, your employees deserve to work in a safe work environment. A trench wall collapsing will not only set you behind schedule for the work you need to do, but it could also result in injuries to your workers. Aluminum Trench Box by Allen Trench Safety has convenient, reliable trench safety solutions that will give your workers peace of mind that they can complete their work without the worry of potential problems. Our aluminum trench boxes are easy to setup and use, while also providing superior support to trench walls, preventing any frustrating collapses. Whether you are starting from scratch and need a full trench box kit or you need accessories to help you customize the trench safety equipment you already have, our helpful professionals will help you find anything you need. In today’s post, we will look at the most common questions people have about our trench safety equipment, with detailed information to answer them.

How Do They Work?

Our aluminum trench boxes are designed to keep trenches stable by applying and maintaining pressure against both walls of a trench. This support will contain dirt and soil in the event of any sort of wall collapse, keeping your work area, your tools, and yourself from being buried under mounds of dirt. The trench boxes are also adjustable to nearly any with the right spreaders, meaning that you can use them for any job no matter how big or school.

What Are the Safe Bury Depths?

One of the benefits of using Aluminum Trench Boxes is that they are designed to meet OSHA standards and can be adjusted to meet standards for larger applications. This means that no matter what sort of trench job you have, we can provide you with trench safety equipment that will protect your workers while also meeting OSHA standards.

Are They Difficult to Use?

One of the problems with other trench safety equipment is that they are big and awkward and difficult to set up. This isn’t the case with Aluminum Trench Boxes. They are made from lightweight aluminum, making them easy to transport by using either a small trailer or a standard sized pickup truck. Plus, they can easily be assembled by a two man team, giving you more time on the jobsite to work on the task at hand, rather than fumbling around with assembly.

Make sure your trench workers are properly protected with trench safety equipment from Aluminum Trench Box. We are always here to help you find the products you need, so contact us and let us know how we can help you today!