Protect Your Workers with Badger Boxes from Aluminum Trench Box

Aluminum Trench Box is dedicated to providing clients with a full range of effective safety equipment to protect trench workers from injury caused by collapses. You cannot take the safety of your workers for granted, so you need effective solutions that stand the test of time. If you are looking for the best in safety equipment, then Badger Boxes are your best option available. These Badger Boxes have been designed by professionals with more than twenty years of experience. Lightweight, durable, and extremely strong, Badger Boxes are engineered to meet the strictest safety requirements, and they are compatible with the most common trench boxes in the industry.

Designed to Meet Customers’ Needs

During the process of creating our Badger Boxes, we took feedback from the most important source: our customer base. Through their suggestions, we were able to make important changes to improve some of the products we carry. This customer insight, coupled with our years of industry experience, resulted in creating aluminum trench boxes that are stronger and more reliable than most options on the market. While these Badger Boxes are amazingly strong and very dependable, they are also easy to transport, making them a great option for a number of fields, including plumbers, municipalities, gas companies, power companies, and more.

Added Features for Improved Performance

We take our customers’ needs very seriously. When they suggest improvements, we take that into consideration and have added new features to make these Badger Boxes even better. Some of the features we have added to these products include wider leg kits for increased ground coverage, no-slip stacking kits, and also lifting brackets that have been upgraded for our pro series boxes. We also offer a number of different add-ons, including different sizes of end locking panels, stock spreaders, and adjustable spreaders. Our Badger Boxes offer nearly unlimited versatility and customization, making them the perfect option for nearly any application. Give your employees peace of mind knowing they are working in a completely safe and secure workspace and take a closer look at the products we offer.

If you are in the market great trench safety solutions, look no further than the long-lasting, ultra-dependable Badger Boxes from Aluminum Trench Box. Feel free to check out our website for more details or give us a call if you have any questions about what you are looking for.