Protect Your Workers with Aluminum Trench Boxes

Trench work can be dangerous, especially if the ground you are working in is loose or unstable. One simple collapse can bury tools and equipment and even injure workers in extreme situations. Aluminum Trench Box can provide you with lightweight yet durable trench safety equipment that will save your workers time while also keeping them protected from loose soil collapsing. Once you see how effective and easy to use these trench boxes are, you will want to make sure your trench workers are always equipped with them, not matter how small their project is. In today’s post, we will take a more detailed look at the benefits of Aluminum Trench Box trench safety equipment.

Easy to Transport, Set Up, and Take Down

Time is money, and you don’t want your crew spending extra time setting up cumbersome safety equipment. Aluminum Trench Box has convenient solutions available. Our trench boxes are made of aluminum, so they are lightweight and can easily be carried to the site and set up by a two-man team. This means that the worksite can be ready to go quickly without multiple people fumbling with heavy equipment. Once the work is completed, these trench boxes can just as easily be removed and stores in the back of a standard sized pickup truck. You workers will appreciate the peace of mind they will get knowing the trench they are working in can be easily secured.

Expandable to Meet Your Needs

Unlike other trench safety products on the market, aluminum trench boxes can be expanded and adjusted to allow greater versatility. We have a wide selection of accessories and parts – including panel box corner posts, adjustable spreaders, trench box pins, and more – allowing you to expand and fortify your trench safety equipment as the project dictates. Whether you are working on residential homes or doing large municipal projects, we can provide you with everything you need to make sure that the trench is secure and your employees are properly protected. If you are unsure of what you need to ensure your crew’s safety for a specific job, contact us and one of our helpful professionals can help you find everything you need.

The professionals at Aluminum Trench Box take great pride in protecting the hardworking trench workers throughout the country. Make sure that your employees are protected and safe to complete the work you need done. Contact Aluminum Trench Box and get the best trench safety equipment anywhere on the market.