Parts and Accessories to Get More Out of Your Aluminum Trench Boxes

Clients throughout the United States who do trench work have depended on Aluminum Trench Boxes from Allen Trench Safety for more than 20 years. We have designed these trench boxes to be sturdy enough to protect workers from soil collapsing while also being simple to use and stackable for easy storage and transportation. You know the importance of having these trench boxes for the safety of your workers, but you can get even more out of your trench boxes by adding spreaders, stacking kits, and other parts and accessories. Today’s post will focus on some of those extra parts and how they can enhance the functionality of your aluminum trench boxes.

Get Greater Versatility with Our Selection of Spreaders

Trench work comes in all shapes and sizes, so a trench box that works well for one job may not be right for another. Allen Trench Safety has solutions for you in the form of spreaders which can be adjusted to meet the specific needs of your job site. Our adjustable spreaders are available in two sizes, 24”-36” and 36” to 60”, allowing you to adjust the size on the fly when going from job to job. We also have spreaders available for our aluminum panel shield and buildable panel box products. With the right collection of these accessories, you get greater versatility out of the trench boxes you have, giving you the ability to handle a greater variety of jobs.

Need Vertical Space? Leg Kits and Stacking Kits Are Your Solution

Some trench work requires greater depth in order to properly complete the job. Allen Trench Safety has solutions for these challenges, as well. With our stacking kits, you will be able to safely stack two aluminum trench boxes on top of each other, doubling the depth in which your crew can safely work. We also have leg kits which can secured to the bottom of your trench box, giving you an additional two feet of room to work under the trench box. We have designed these leg kits with a wider foot pad to keep the legs from sinking into muddy soil.

Whether you own a small independent plumbing company or run a utility company or municipality, these Aluminum Trench Boxes from Allen Trench Safety will provide you and your workers with effective protection, no matter what size your next job is. Contact us for more information about the products we have available.