Learn About Our Badger Boxes

Aluminum Trench Box offer the very best in trench safety products on the market. We know how important safety is on the worksite, which is why we strive to make sure your workers are always protected. When you want superior protection for your workers, Badger Boxes are the premier option. Not only are these products sturdy enough to protect your workers, but they are also designed to maximize efficiency with easy setup, breakdown, and transportation. No matter how extensive your trench project is, these Badger Boxes will ensure that your workers can complete the job quickly and safely. In today’s post, we will take a detailed look at how your workers will benefit from using Badger Boxes on every worksite.

Get More Done with an Efficient Worksite

When your business does trench work, the last thing you want is for your workers to spend lots of valuable time fumbling around with equipment, causing the job to last longer than it should. This can affect the amount of work you get done in a day and ultimately affect your bottom line. Aluminum Trench Box has the solution to this dilemma. Badger Boxes are designed for easy, efficient use. By using a small excavator, you can easily set your Badger Boxes in place and get your crew to work. Badger Boxes are also small and lightweight, so they can be transported right in the back of your standard pickup truck. You can even add a leg kit that has a 5×5 foot pad that helps keep them from sinking into the mud. Badger Boxes were specially designed to avoid the hassles you have to deal with from inferior products.

Superior Safety and Durability

The safety of your workers should be a top priority, and you need safety equipment that will last. Badger Boxes are a terrific investment that will meet those safety needs for years and years. They are strong enough to perform under harsh weather conditions and have been tested extensively to meet strict safety standards. Badger Boxes are 100% made in America, so you know they are built to last. The investment you make in these boxes is one of the best that you can make. We also have a number of parts and accessories for your specific needs. Contact us today for more information about how we can provide you with the best trench safety equipment in the industry.