Increase Safety Year-Round with Aluminum Trench Shoring Equipment

Soon – we hope! – the ground will thaw and trench workers across the country will see an uptick in the amount of work being requested. But, increased projects means increased risk, and one of the surest ways to protect yourself – and your workers – is to invest in high-quality aluminum trench shoring equipment. Every year, workers find themselves involved in trench collapses. The repercussions of being unprotected during a collapse are no joke: serious injury and even death can occur. When you’re utilizing the top-of-the-line equipment sold by Aluminum Trench Box, though, you know that you’re taking the steps necessary to mitigate the risks involved.

Constructed from high-quality aluminum, our trench boxes are extremely easy to move. Lightweight and able to be quickly assembled and disassembled, they can be moved easily in the back of a normal-sized truck. Best of all, they offer superior strength and reliability and can be buried to a depth of 12 feet, even in class “C” soils.

In addition to easy transport, our aluminum trench shoring equipment is easy to store. With the ability to stack, store, and use them horizontally or vertically, you can be confident that your team will appreciate them. Because of this versatility, they can be used by multiple teams, in multiple configurations, and on multiple projects. As a result, you save money and – more importantly – take the steps necessary to keep all of your team members safe.

At Aluminum Trench Box, we are committed to offering our customers the highest quality, most reliable trench safety equipment on the market. Whether you only need a single trench box for plumbing work or you need to place a large order for a municipal project, we’re here to work with you. So, if you’re looking to keep yourself – and your employees – safe year-round, contact us today to learn how we can help!