If You Want the Best, You Need Badger Boxes from Aluminum Trench Box

Are you looking for the industry’s toughest aluminum trench boxes? Do you need the security of knowing that your workers are protected by a proven, time-tested trench safety solution? If you answered yes to these questions, you owe it to yourself to take a look at our new Badger Boxes! Designed from the ground up by a team that has been in the trench safety industry for twenty years, these boxes are lightweight, durable, and tough as nails. They’re engineered to address all of your requirements and, best of all, they’re interchangeable with some of the industry’s most common trench boxes.

When we were creating our Badger Boxes, we talked to the only people who mattered… our customers! We took their feedback and their input and made changes to improve the products that we offer. That, combined with our industry experience, allowed us to create some of the toughest and most reliable aluminum trench boxes on the market. Easy to transport, incredibly strong, and rock-solid dependable, these trench boxes are an amazing safety solution for plumbers, municipalities, gas, and power companies.

When our customers asked, we listened! Some of the features they requested that were implemented include top-quality, no-slip stacking kits, wider leg kits that offer four times the ground coverage, and upgraded lifting brackets on our pro series boxes. We also produced a host of add-ons, including a range of end locking panel sizes, stock spreader sizes, and adjustable spreader sizes. If you’re looking for versatility and customizability, you can rest assured there’s no better option than our Badger Boxes!

So, if you’ve been searching for a high-quality, long-lasting, and dependable trench safety solution, we encourage you to read up on our new Badger Boxes, check out what we have to offer, and contact us for a quote!