How it Works: Trench Shoring Solutions for You and Your Workers

When it comes to protecting your workers in the trenches, only the best equipment will do. Here at Aluminum Trench Box, we know better than anyone what it takes to keep your workers safe while they go about doing the work that keeps society functioning.

That being said, we want to take this month’s blog post to talk about what it is about our trench boxes that make them worth you and your worker’s trust. In particular, we’ll be discussing why you should consider purchasing an aluminum trench box and the many features they offer.

Why Aluminum Trench Box is the Right Choice to Keep Workers Safe

Here at Aluminum Trench Box, our trench boxes have been keeping workers safe in the trenches for nearly 20 years. Why? Let’s break it down.

Trench collapse can cause serious damage or even death to workers operating in trenches. To keep workers safe, we at Aluminum Trench Box designed the premier trench shoring box to stop tragedies like this from occurring. The aluminum trench box applies pressure to 2-4 sides of the trench you dig and locks into place, providing structural integrity to the trench and preventing trench collapse.

What to Expect from Your Aluminum Trench Box

When you get your aluminum trench box, you’ll find it arrives with an array of perks that make every unit indispensable.

We design our trench boxes so that they are unparalleled in their versatility. Each trench box is not only stackable, but also lightweight, and can be carried by as few as one worker. For even further maneuverability, we even designed our trench boxes so they can be used in 2-, 3-, and 4-sided configurations.

Additionally, our trench boxes come with a plethora of accessories available for purchase depending on your need. For instance, we each part of our buildable box individually, so you can set up a trench box that uniquely fits your needs. Or, if you’d like to deck out a trench box you’ve already purchased, then we recommend our lightweight aluminum trench box leg kit, which provides an addition 2 feet of verticality so your workers can have more room to get the job done.

Are you interested in securing trench safety equipment for your workers that’s easy to use, swift to move and manipulate, and reliable when you need it most? If so, contact us at Aluminum Trench Box today.