Get Your Trench Box Questions Answered Here

Aluminum Trench Box provides customers with the toughest, most reliable trench boxes in the industry. For more than twenty years of experience, our team has assembled the most reliable trench safety products available anywhere. Our catalog features kits for full trench boxes to a full range of high-quality parts and accessories. Whether you need panel shields, adjustable spreaders, lifting brackets, and everything else you need to ensure that your trench box provides the protection and safety that your workers need to get the job done. Still unconvinced that trench boxes are the solution to your safety needs? Read further for more details about how Aluminum Trench Box can provide you with reliable solutions.

What are trench boxes?

Put simply, trench boxes are specially designed safety equipment that will protect your workers from injury in the event that a trench collapses. The trench box offers support to strengthen the trench walls while also helping to contain any collapse. These stackable, lightweight trench boxes are easily transportable and have been proven effective in protecting your workers and preventing any unnecessary tragedies.

What about making sure bury depths are safe?

We can provide trench boxes with varying bury depths to meet OSHA standards. We have the ability to fully-customize your trench box, so you will get a trench box kit that is perfect for the job and provides the best possible protection for your workers. No matter what your needs are, you can rest assured that you will get the exact product that you need.

How difficult are they to use?

We understand you have enough responsibilities without having to worry about struggling to assemble and use your trench boxes. This is why we prioritize simplicity and transportability when we engineer all of our trench boxes. With lightweight aluminum construction, the trench boxes can be easily transported in a small trailer and only require a small team to assemble.

At Aluminum Trench Box, safety is our top concern. We take pride in making sure our customers have total confidence in the equipment that we provide to them. We have strived over the years to offer a catalog of the best quality safety products in the industry. We will work diligently to make sure you have the right products to keep you workers safe, so take a look at the products we offer and feel free to contact us if you have any questions about what you need!