Get Answers to Your Questions About Aluminum Trench Boxes

Aluminum Trench Box offers the strongest, longest-lasting trench safety equipment in the industry. For more than twenty years, our experienced team has worked diligently to build a great selection of quality products that you can depend on to keep your workers safe. Whether you are getting started with full trench box kits or you need parts or accessories to enhance or maintain your existing trench boxes, you can count on us to provide you with the quality safety products that will give you and your workers peace of mind. If you are uncertain of what you need to make sure your safety concerns are covered, please read further for more information.

How Do Aluminum Trench Boxes Work?

Simply put, aluminum trench boxes are specially-designed equipment to keep trench workers safe in case there is a trench collapse at your work site. These trench boxes support the trench walls and contain collapses to avoid worker injuries or damage to other tools or equipment. With the available accessories, you can adjust them to trenches of any size, giving you unmatched versatility for your safety needs.

How About Safe Bury Depths?

Our Aluminum Trench Boxes are designed and built to specific OSHA standards, which can vary depending on the application. With that versatility, our staff can assist you in customizing your order to ensure that you have all of the right equipment for your business applications. We will even make sure that you have any of the necessary accessories for specialized projects.

How Difficult Are the Trench Boxes to Use?

Unlike other trench safety products, Aluminum Trench Boxes are specifically engineered to be as easy as possible to use for your workers. They are made from strong but lightweight aluminum, meaning that are easy to transport in a small trailer or even in the back of a pickup truck. Setup is just as simple, as a small team can easily assemble and breakdown the trench boxes in a short amount of time.

The experienced professionals at Aluminum Trench Box take the business of trench safety very seriously. The investment in your safety equipment is an important one, which is why we take great pride in providing only the best equipment on the market. You can view the whole range of products we offer on our website, but feel free to contact us with any further questions about the safety equipment you need.