Answers to Your Questions About the Best Trench Safety Equipment on the Market

Trench workers deserve to have a safe worksite in which to complete their tasks. Allen Trench Safety has been supplying companies throughout the country with the best trench safety equipment on the market for more than two decades. Trench workers for construction companies, utility companies, landscapers, and more can complete their work with confidence knowing that they are protected by our versatile, easy-to-use Aluminum Trench Boxes. Whether you need a full trench box kit or components like lifting products, adjustable spreaders, or panel shields, you can count on our experienced professionals to provide you with everything you need to ensure that every worksite is safe for your workers. In today’s post, we will discuss why Aluminum Trench Boxes are the superior trench safety products in the industry.

Why Do My Workers Need Aluminum Trench Boxes?

Safety. Safety. Safety. Aluminum Trench Boxes are strong and durable, reinforcing the walls of the trenches in which your employees work. This prevents the trench from collapsing, reducing the possibility of damaging expensive equipment or causing injury to your workers.

Are Aluminum Trench Boxes Difficult to Use?

No. In fact, Aluminum Trench Boxes have been specifically designed with ease or use and transportation in mind. Made from a lightweight aluminum, these trench boxes can be easily assembled by two men, allowing your workers to get prepared more quickly and reducing the time needed to complete the job. Also, these Aluminum Trench Boxes are stackable, making them easy to store, and they can be transported in the back of a normal sized pickup or a small trailer.

Can They Handle Different Bury Depths?

No matter what sort of trench work your company needs, we understand that the safety or your workers and their worksite is priority one. For this reason, our Aluminum Trench Boxes are available in a varying bury depths, so you can make sure that you are in compliance with OSHA standards with every job you do. Whether you use the normal trench box kit or customize it with added parts or accessories to accommodate the size of the trench in which you’re working, Aluminum Trench Boxes can provide your workers the protection they need to focus on their work with peace of mind.

Aluminum Trench Boxes represent the solution to all of your trench safety needs, no matter which industry you’re in. Contact us for more information about how you can protect your trench workers with the best safety equipment on the market.