Aluminum Trench Box Equipment to Protect Your Workers All Year Long

With the temperatures rising and the ground thawing, trench workers will soon be back at work and busier than ever. This also means that the risk of injury to your trench workers is also coming back. Trench collapses can cause serious injury or even death without the proper safety equipment in place. The best and most effective way to protect your trench workers is by reinforcing the walls of the trench to contain and prevent collapses. Give your workers and yourself peace of mind with aluminum trench shoring equipment from Aluminum Trench Box. Whether you have a small operation that handles residential and light commercial work or a larger company that handles industrial or municipal contracts, our professionals can provide you with the right equipment to ensure a safe work environment. Read further to learn more about the benefits of trench shoring equipment from Aluminum Trench Box.

Easy to Assemble and Easy to Use

The longer your workers have to spend setting up before a job, the longer the workday lasts, increasing your labor costs and hurting your efficiency. Aluminum Trench Boxes are designed with ease and efficiency in mind. They are constructed from strong, lightweight aluminum, making them easy to transport in a normal-sized pickup truck. They are also designed to easily be assembled and disassembled by just a couple workers. This means your workers can get setup and working in less time. They are adjustable to offer superior support for trenches of depths up to 12 feet. Even when working in Class ā€œCā€ soils, your workers will be safe and protected while completing their work.

Storage is a Breeze

Once you are finished using the Aluminum Trench Boxes, the disassembly and storage process is just as easy. Designed to be quickly taken apart, Aluminum Trench Box components can be stacked horizontally or stored vertically, making it easy for you to find a place to store them. This also allows your workers to use them on multiple projects without needing extra room for bulkier safety products.

Nearly Unlimited Versatility

With numerous different parts and accessories available, Aluminum Trench Boxes can be configured and reconfigured for use on any number of projects. This eliminates your need to have separate sized products for your different projects. These trench shoring products save you time and money while keeping you workers safe in any environment. Contact us and let us know how we can help you improve your trench worker safety.