Aluminum Trench Box Accessories: Customizing Your Trench Box

At Aluminum Trench Box, we offer a variety of trench shoring solutions for any work that you’ll be needing done. While our Aluminum Panel Shields and our Badger Boxes provide a wide variety of coverage on their own, our Buildable Panel Box not only fills in any role that our other products don’t provide, but also possesses its own wide range of utility. That being said, we at Aluminum Trench Box and Allen Trench Safety pride ourselves on our dedication to providing you with all the trench safety equipment we can offer. For that reason, we’re doing something a little unconventional with today’s blog post and covering the many accessories that we offer in order to suit your shoring box to any trench safety need you might have.

Accessories to Enhance Safety

If you have a particular safety concern for yourself or your employees or would like to fortify a certain aspect of your trench box’s safety measurements with an accessory, then we have a variety of accessories to offer. One such accessory is the lightweight aluminum trench box stacking kit, which is designed to allow you to stack two of your trench boxes on top of one another to create a larger area of protection even in tighter spaces.

Accessories to Enhance Convenience

Though it might not be outwardly apparent, convenience in matters of safety are often almost as important as the safety measure itself. The easier it is for a worker to utilize a safety function, the more often they’ll be able to use it. With this reasoning in mind, we offer a selection of accessories for convenience that you can add to your toolbox to make your shoring boxes easier to use. One such product is our lightweight aluminum trench box leg kit, which is built to create 2 more feet of working room beneath their trench box. If you’re looking for versatility in the amount of areas that your trench box can cover, then we’d instead recommend one of our buildable panel box spreaders to go with our Buildable Panel Box. The buildable panel box spreaders are built to complement 2-sided and 3-sided boxes, and allows you greater capability in spreading the panels on your Panel Box.

If you’re interested in purchasing one of our many accessories to enhance your aluminum trench box’s safety and convenience, then feel free to check out our products page here. If you’d like to get more information on the accessory for you, then we encourage you to contact us here, instead, to figure out the best option.