3 FAQs: Answering Your Questions About Aluminum Trench Box

Here at Aluminum Trench box, we understand that before purchasing your first trench box, you may have a few questions you want answered. The safety of you and your workers is of paramount importance, and we aim to give you as many answers as possible in order to demonstrate that our aluminum trench boxes are designed to keep them safe no matter the trench. In today’s blog post, we’ll be discussing three of our most frequently asked questions and expanding on them. That way, you can make the most educated decision possible when deciding which trench shoring system to implement for your workers.

What Are Aluminum Trench Boxes?

At their most basic, aluminum trench boxes are devices used to maintain the integrity of trenches so they don’t collapse while workers are in them. Trench boxes function by pushing their panels against the dirt walls of the trenches they’re placed in. By extending the walls of the trench box to add pressure to the dirt walls, the walls are kept stable by the box, making it safe for workers to dig or build inside the trench without worrying about the walls of the trench collapsing.

What Are the Safe Bury Depths?

The safe bury depths vary depending on the variety of trench box that you have and the type of soil or rock that you’re digging in. That being said, each and every one of our trench boxes is constructed in compliance with OSHA regulations of trench safety. According to OSHA guidelines, if you are considering digging a trench 5 feet deep ore more, then you must use a trench shoring tool in order to be in compliance. If you plan on digging a trench 20 feet or more deep, then you will instead need a protective system designed by a professional engineer.

Are Trench Boxes Easy to Transport and Assemble?

Yes! In the business of trench safety, other shoring tools can require teams of men and cranes to transport and install. In fact, our trench boxes are designed to be modular and lightweight, so they can be moved using a pickup truck or small trailer.

Once on-site, assembly of our trench boxes is simple. In the case of our buildable panel box even allows for easy assembly and adjustment on-site. Additionally, our buildable panel boxes come in 2-, 3-, and 4-sided configurations and are adjustable thanks to their easy-assembly pins.

If you plan on digging a trench and need to keep your workers safe, don’t hesitate to contact us today. You and your workers deserve safety in the trenches, and OSHA recommends products such as ours to give it to them.